T-shirts that we offer are made of quality organic cotton, the leading manufacturers. Our products correspond to the European size table (see the section "Dimensions"). Images of finished products are applied using high-tech sublimation methods: digital thermal transfer or thermal imaging.

Men's models.

T-shirts for men of classic and comfortable cut are made from completely natural cotton of the highest category with a density of 160 grams. Soft fabric combed weave.

Female models.

T-shirts for women fitted with a cut fit perfectly on the figure. The material is soft, pleasant to the touch, with a density of 160 grams and consists of 100% cotton.

Children's models.

Products for children are made from environmentally friendly high-quality cotton with a density of 160 grams.

Attention! Perhaps a slight deviation of the colors of the goods from the site. This is due to various settings of color profiles of monitors, photos, as well as differences in shades of cloth from manufacturers. This feature is not a reject.


Rules of operation

 * It is recommended to wash cotton t-shirts without the use of bleaching agents, in water, the temperature of which does not exceed 40 ° C (manually or in a car);

 * before washing it is desirable to turn the products inside out;

 * when drying in a washing machine, set the mode to the minimum speed, or dry things naturally;

 * To iron exclusively from the wrong side, ironing the hot iron is strictly not recommended.